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“Who Benefits”

Introduced by:

Helen Dane Claimants union and

Alisdair Cameron Launchpad disability

With discussion in small groups

Thurs.10th Nov. 7pm

St. John’s Church hall, Grainger St. N/c

Tea and coffee


You are invited to the next organising/planning meeting this

Thursday,on 27th Oct. at our usual place, St. John’s Church Hall, Grainger St.N/C, 7-9pm

We will be reviewing the decisions/suggestions made at the last main meeting,as well as the presentation from Rick, from our discussions to review several meetings about “whats to be done”, as well as finalising speakers etc for next meeting below:


intro by Norman Jamieson NEPA-on pensions, and additional speakers on claimants group and disability.

Intro by:

Norman Jamieson NEPA-on pensions, and additional speakers on
claimants group and disability.

Thurs. 10th Nov. 7pm

St John’s Church Hall, Grainger St,

Tea and coffee provided.


Wednesday 19th October
Tommy Clarke
Walkergate Medical Centre
Benfield Road 7:30 am

Friday 21st October
@ Newcastle Labour Club
Public Organising Meeting
UNITE Central Branch
JIB Dispute Rank & File
Speaker: Michael Dooley UCATT
No to 35% Pay cut

The government is planning to make some £350 million in cuts to legal aid, including £50 million from social welfare law. Some of the most savage cuts are to be criminal law. But who will be most affected by the cuts? How will it effect class actions against corporate malpractice? What do the cuts to welfare law mean? Will it really restrict the poor’s access to justice?

Speaker: Brian Mark and Cris McCurley.

Thurs, 13th Oct, 7pm.
St John’s Church Hall,
Grainger Street,

The purpose of this message is for us to get as big a turnout as possible in the Newcastle Labour Club this coming Monday the 26th at 7pm. Its possible that Bill Green and or the Union will attempt to take over this dispute. Given the history of disputes led by the leadership of the union this would be the kiss of death – I think, and I would welcome a correction, its fair to say that there has NEVER been a single victory, in say the last 8 years or so, in any dispute that has been led by the Union leadership.

So if the leadership take control of this dispute we’re fucked and we
may as well go home and give in to the bosses.

Also this dispute is not JUST about Tyneside. If you know ANY
construction worker in the North East get them to turn up at the
Newcastle Labour Club.

We need contact details of construction workers in Hartlepool and
Teeside generally. The union is not showing any signs of going to give
us these contact lists. So we have to collect them ourselves. There
was a good construction branch in Hartlepool with a very good secretary and chair. Anybody know how to contact them? If you do please contact him, pass on my email address or that of Jimmy Warne.

We MUST spread and escalate this dispute. The bosses are already
escalating the dispute by reducing hourly rates and threatening
sackings if you don’t do as you are told. If they can do this why not
us, but however the dispute is spread or escalated we must put
pressure on the union officials to do as WE want.

Ray Smith

Electricians/Sparks Protest in Newcastle against 35% wage cuts


On Wednesday the 21st of September Sparks from the north-east went out to protest against the proposed cut to wages.

Staff at a Newcastle school carried out the first of three strikes today in protest against plans to turn it into an academy.

Members of the NUT, NASUWT and ATL at Kenton School started their
co-ordinated industrial action at 8am.

Teachers fear that if the school becomes an academy, the headteacher and governors will be allowed to set pay and conditions which could see the dismantling of nationally-agreed pay and conditions for staff.

Ian Grayson, of the NUT, said: “We have seen that across the country terms and conditions in academies have been changed for the worse.

“There would be the potential for teachers’ terms and conditions to be

However, headteacher David Pearmain claimed in a letter to parents that there was “no threat whatsoever” to staff pay and conditions.

“Our governors made a promise and assurance before there was any question of industrial action, that if at any time in the future they were to talk about change in pay and conditions it would only be to improve them above the national standard,” he said.

Staff will carry out two more strikes at Kenton – one of the country’s
biggest secondary schools – on September 27 and 29.

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